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Barry Levinson directing Brother Jack

Rain Man


Barry Levinson, the mind behind Good Morning Vietnam, Rain Man and Man Of The Year , has signed on to helm Brother Jack .

Based on the true life story of human rights activist Jack Healey, it’s a coming-of-ager that follows Healey after he leaves the priesthood in order to wage a “one man war”.

Twin Peaks writer Hayley Peyton has put the script together, while Kelly Masterson is giving it a bit of a polish.

Columbia pres Doug Belgrad had this to say:

“Barry Levinson is one of the industry’s most thoughtful, accomplished and acclaimed directors. His work chronicling the life of Dr. Jack Kevorkian was brilliant and we think his take on how one social activist can influence a nation will be equally engaging and compelling.”

No names have been linked to the lead role just yet, though this sort of part would no doubt appeal to Leonardo DiCaprio, given his own humanist leanings. (Who cares if he looks nothing like Healey? It's Hollywood!) If he can find time amidst all his other projects, of course…

Looking foward to Levinson hitting the road, Jack?