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Voting for the 2009 Blog Awards have now closed, marking the end of our first annual awards ceremony. And whilst it didn’t have the cultural resonance as the Oscars, our private after-party put the academy to shame.

We’d like to thank all the blogs who got behind the awards, and the readers who supported them.

Kudos should especially go to Watchmen Comic Movie . Its readers were so incensed at its neglection that they mounted a campaign to get it a Reader Nomination Award. If only the Oscars were this democratic.

The winners in full:

The Majors

Nominations: SlashFilm , The Movie Blog , First Showing , Twitch , Screen Rant

Winner: SlashFilm


Nominations: Transformers Live , Twilight Movie News , The Hobbit Movie , Jim Hill Media

Winner: Twilight Movie News

Reader Nomination Award: Watchmen Comic Movie


Nominations: Hammer and Beyond , Fatally Yours , The Vault of Horror

Winner: Fatally Yours


Nominations: Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies , House of Self-Indulgence , Cult Sirens , Criterion Contraption , Cult Trailers

Winner: Criterion Contraption


Nominations: Deadline Hollywood , Women and Hollywood , Perez Hilton

Winner: Women and Hollywood

World / Indie

Nominations: Movie City Indie , Like Anna Karina’s Sweater , LoveAsianCinema , European Films

Winner: Like Anna Karina’s Sweater

So congratulations to all... and see you all next year!