TMNT helmer making War Monkeys

He’s still best known for making Turtle ‘toon TMNT in 2007, but director Kevin Munroe is planning to direct horror pic War Monkeys.

While he’s about to be busy helming graphic novel-based pic Dead Of Night, he’s deep into negotiations to take on Monkeys, based on a script by Chris Nettles.

"It's kind of like if Quentin Tarantino did Gremlins, Nettles first told me. I read it and it was exactly that. The horror stuff was at a peak and the characters are really rich," Munroe tells Shock ‘Till You Drop .

The story finds two men trapped underground with military-trained simians out for blood. It’s apparently “an older, meaner brother of an Amblin production. It's real horror with real scary elements. You've got real monsters here with the monkeys. But the characters are a modern day Abbott and Costello. In the same vein of Shaun of the Dead but scarier."

Creepy Monkeys

Monkeys creep me out. They're so human-like and you never know what they're thinking. And these are military-trained. For me, it's not just about the ability to carry a gun, but I love the idea of monkeys coming together to accomplish a goal."

We bet he lies awake at night haunted by feverish dreams of the movie Congo. We know we did. And we love monkeys.

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