The Untouchables prequel gains a Butler

We’re starting to wonder if 300 star Gerard Butler has cloned himself or developed the ability to travel in time. Because he seems to have gotten himself attached to half the projects in Hollywood.

And he’s added another after catching the eye of Brian De Palma. The director has selected Butler to play the younger Jimmy Malone in The Untouchables: Capone Rising. The prequel will follow the crime lord as he establishes his reign of terror and the cops trying to bring him down.

But when Butler eventually starts cleaning up the streets, his arch enemy won’t have the face of Nicolas Cage, who had been close to signing on to star as Capone. According to Variety, the National Treasure star has cited scheduling problems.

And though Cage has plenty of films on his schedule, he hasn’t actually announced which one he’s committing to next. Perhaps he’s going on a lovely holiday to Skegness?