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The 28th Amendment may have a director

Presidential thriller The 28th Amendment – which Tom Cruise is seriously considering as his next film – is zeroing in on a director, with The Lives Of Others helmer Florian Henckel von Dommersmarck.

He hasn’t been behind the camera of a film since 2006, but that was for The Lives Of Others, which won the foreign-language Oscar.

With newly minted Hollywood representation, he’s naturally taking a lot of meetings.

The 28th Amendment is being spearheaded by Transformers/Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who originally wrote the film as a test spec in 1999.

But they’re busily re-writing it since Cruise got interested in it and if Donnersmarck signs on, that might tip the balance even further in its favour.

The plot finds a newly elected US President settling into the Oval Office only to discover that A) a secret cabal runs the US government and B) they're out to kill him if he doesn't agree to their plans.

Of course, that sort of thing could never happen in real life, right? RIGHT? RUN AWAY!

[Source: Variety ]

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