Sylvester Stallone chats Death Wish

Out doing the rounds of publicity for Rambo, Sylvester Stallone has been taking the chance to talk up his ideas for another franchise reboot that has been doing the rumour rounds since late last year and now seems to be headed towards Mr Rocky’s front burner.

"I think Death Wish, if it were done today, would be volcanic," Stallone told IGN. "The idea of Jeff Goldblum being a mugger who breaks into an apartment is very simplistic. It gives you an idea how bad the elevation of violence has become. I would focus on defense attorneys; I would focus on the people allowing this crap to happen - not so much the guy on the street. It's like, 'Who permits it? What if it happened to you, that your daughter was grabbed and her eyes were put out? Would you want to sit there and defend that guy?"

He’s certainly put a lot of thought into it, so go check out IGN’s full story .

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