Scorsese's fighting The Last Duel

Back in the good old days – and, for the purposes of this story, the 'good old days' are in the 14th century – men were men, knights were bold and arguments were settled not by a scuffle down the pub, but by a gentlemanly duel, which could only happen upon the authority of the King.

So after prowling the crime-ridden streets of Boston, it should come as no surprise that Martin Scorsese is using some of his much needed Departed clout (and his fancy new deal with Paramount) to snap up a tome that covers just such a chivalrous era. But with a title like The Last Duel: A True Story Of Crime, Scandal And Trial By Combat In Medieval France, you know there’ll be plenty of scope for blood spilling.

Eric Jager’s book is set in 1386 and follows the final official duel approved by France’s King Charles IV, between knights Jean de Carrouges and Jacques LeGris. But while he’s definitely developing the book and giving it some serious thought, The Last Duel isn’t yet a definite project for Marty. Give the man some time to make up his mind, wont you?

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