Sam Raimi unveils Venom

It might have been a Frankenstein trailer patched together from finished character footage and a variety of storyboards, animatics and rough animation, but Sam Raimi knew exactly what the audience at San Diego’s Comic-Con wanted: Spider-Man, Venom, Sandman and plenty of them.

Bringing along an assortment of cast members including Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, Tobey Maguire, Thomas Haden Church and Bryce Dallas Howard, Raimi brought the 6,000 plus crammed into the convention centre’s Hall H to their feet, whistling and cheering at the footage he showed.

Raimi also confirmed that it is indeed Grace’s Eddie Brock who becomes infected with the alien symbiote creature known as Venom, after Peter Parker manages to rid himself of its disturbing influence. But as shown by the teaser and confirmed by this fresh footage, we’re in for a darker ride this time, with Peter locating the darkness within himself.

Also causing rapturous applause were the shots of Sandman, even with most of the effects unfinished. Some of the clashes between our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and his mineral villain looks absolutely stunning, including a subway-set scene that sees Spidey ramming Flint Marko (Haden Church)’s face into the wall as they speed along on a train.

Bursting with energy, it made everyone – including Total Film’s LA Contributing Editor (hello!) roar their approval.

Expect plenty more from the Con. Once we’ve had some sleep. Sleep goood.