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Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper buddy up

Bradley Cooper

Ryan Reynolds, aka the busiest man currently working in Hollywood, has lined up a role opposite Bradley Cooper, aka the beefiest man currently working in Hollywood.

Considering Reynolds’ already packed-as-a-pub-on-a-bank-holiday-Sunday schedule, what could have possibly enticed him into signing on?

Well, aside from working with hot ticket Cooper, the script for the untitled action chuckler has been written by Up In The Air ’s Sheldon Turner. Ah, that oughta do it.

Risky Business report that the film will follow the duo as San Francisco cop buddies, whose fathers were also once partners on the force.

When a particularly tricky case rears its head, the old cops are dragged out of retirement to help their sons – with “typically antagonistic results”.

Which leaves us with just one tantalising question - who will be playing the papa cops? With Reynolds and Cooper both big stuff right now, expect some big names to be attracted to the project.

Next up, Reynolds will be appearing in Green Lantern , while Cooper has Hangover 2 and Neil Burger's The Dark Fields on the horizon.