Rumour: La Seydoux to star in Bond 24?

A brief Bond 24 update to bring you this morning, with Sam Mendes reportedly keen on bringing Léa Seydoux on board to star opposite Daniel Craig.

The rumour comes in the wake of a Daily Mail report, claiming that recent rewrites to John Logan’s script by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were rather more substantial than had first been thought.

While it had initially been suggested that the duo would come on board to add a few jokes to what was pretty much a completed script, the report claims that Purvis and Wade were briefed to do some major rewrites across the board.

Happily, however, it seems like the duo have managed to get the job done, with the studio now happy to give the film the green light, and additional casting set to begin ASAP.

Seydoux is apparently top of that wish list, although there is no word regarding who she might be playing. Hopefully we’ll find out more before production begins at the end of the year, with the film set to open in the UK on 23 October 2015.

George Wales

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