Rumour: Johnny Depp to star in Wally Pfisters directorial debut?

Having sparked controversy recently by slagging off The Avengers , Dark Knight Rises cinematographer is set to make his directorial debut, which may well star Johnny Depp.

Depp is reportedly in discussions to head up Transcendence , described as a kind of cross between Inception and 2001 , while also sounding rather a lot like TRON according to THR ’s plot synopsis.

“The story centres on a man who creates a computer that develops a malevolent awareness,” reports the site. “Depp will play a husband who gets sucked into the computer.”

Definitely sounds like TRON to us, and given Pfister’s recent pedigree, we can expect it to look rather special if nothing else. It also looks a decent move for Depp, and a welcome break from his usual brand of quirk.

Pfister has reportedly met with Noomi Rapace to discuss playing the female lead, while James McAvoy and Tobey Maguire have also been considered for Depp’s role. Christoph Waltz is also thought to be in the running for a supporting part. Colour us intrigued…

George Wales

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