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Rumour: Joaquin Phoenix back on to play Doctor Strange?

The Doctor Strange casting process could be about to take another twist, with Collider reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is in final negotiations with Marvel to take the title role.

Phoenix had been heavily linked to the part a couple of months ago, only for the rumour to go cold, with speculation rife that he was unwilling to tie himself to such a potentially long-running franchise.

It has since been reported that Boardwalk Empire ’s Jack Huston is the new frontrunner for the role, but Collider claims that Phoenix’s participation is all but a done deal.

It’s thought that the length of the negotiating process can be explained by Phoenix’s desire to retain a degree of scheduling flexibility, allowing him more scope to film other projects, but should the deal go through, it will be a huge coup for Marvel.

Directed by Scott Derrickson, Doctor Strange will open in the US on 8 July 2016, with a UK date still to be confirmed.

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