Reese Witherspoon for PTA's latest?

Reese Witherspoon is currently in talks for a leading role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s next flick, which will loosely revolve around Scientology.

At present, there’s a very rough 124-page early draft of Anderson’s script which gives some idea of what we should expect from the Magnolia director.

The plot will follow Philip Seymour Hoffman as a charismatically intelligent L. Ron Hubbard-type (he’s the man who founded Scientology) called “The Master”, who invents a faith-based organization which begins to catch on in the early ‘50s.

The Master then recruits an aimless, alcoholic drifter named Freddie Sutton (to be played by The Hurt Locker ’s Jeremy Renner) as his right-hand man, but as the religion gains a following Freddie begins to question it and his mentor…

Resse Witherpoon

Yes, yes, yes, but what about Reece? It seems likely she'll be playing The Master's younger pregnant wife Mary Sue.

As for the destined-to-be-controversial subject matter, despite the fact there are apparently no explicit references to Scientology, its all fairly obvious.

Filming begin this June, so nobody tell Tom.

Will PTA bring down Scientology? Let us know!

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