Pet Sematary remake heading into production

pet sematary

Only this week we were discussing the sudden re-popularity of horror scribe Stephen King in movieland, and it seems that trend isn’t set to buckle any time soon.

Adding to the list of upcoming projects based on King stories – which already has Dark Tower , Firestarter and The Stand scribbled on it – comes news that a new version of Pet Sematary is in the works.

1408 screenwriter Matthew Greenberg has reportedly penned a script that he’s about to deliver to the studio, who should be looking for a “high-level director” to take the chair.

An adaptation of King’s novel already exists in the 1989 film directed by Mega Python vs Gatoroid ’s Mary Lambert.

The plot follows a family who move into a new house by a busy road. When their toddler is knocked down and killed, he’s put to rest in a nearby burial ground – and then raises from the dead.

Lambert’s original film is a tad dated now, but still features its fair share of thrills – including a terrifyingly convincing Miko Hughes (also of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare ) as the undead tot.

Let’s just hope they don’t remake it in 3D.

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