Paul McGuigan pulls a Knight shift

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what the man who brought us Wicker Park and Gangster No. 1 will do with ‘80s telly update The Equalizer.

Because he’s just been appointed the man with the megaphone for The Weinstein Company’s latest drama, Four Knights. Set in 12th century England, the film will follow a group of sword-wielding warriors sent by Henry II to negotiate peace with Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury. Anyone who knows the history books can predict the next plot point, but it ends badly – and bloodily – for the Bish. With the entire country angrier than a stand full of disappointed footie fans, the knights leg it to a remote castle.

Boasting a script by Paul Webb, who is basing it on his play, Four Knights In Knaresboro, the film will kick off shooting later this year in London. Expect a heavyweight foursome of actors to be clambering into awkward tin can suits sometime around the autumn.