Paul Greengrass lands at Pinewood

Paul Greengrass is now busy filming his 9/11 drama Flight 93 in the UK. The film kicked off last week at Pinewood, and will also shoot on locations in the UK and US.

The partly improvised, real-time film follows the events that led to the infamous flight’s crash after the passengers were able to overpower the terrorists who had taken control of the aircraft. The story, partially based on recordings from the plane, conveys events on the flight and what was happening on the ground.

"9/11 was unique - the most important event of our lifetime, casting a shadow over all our futures,” says Greengrass. “It's vital for cinema to begin the task of exploring what it meant, and what it continues to mean today. Hopefully Flight 93 will be a worthy contribution to that process.”

Out of respect for the dead, Working Title aren’t specifying the starring roles from the ensemble cast. They are also setting up a website to serve as a forum to discuss the film, and a memorial to the passengers and crew. Visit Working Title’s site here for further information.