Paddy Considine signs up for The Worlds End

The World’s End , the concluding instalment in Edgar Wright’s Blood And Ice Cream trilogy, continues to add to its impressive cast, with Paddy Considine the latest star to clamber aboard.

The film will see Simon Pegg star as a fortysomething bloke who meets up with four of his childhood friends to attempt a truly epic pub crawl, culminating in a visit to the fabled hostelry known as The World’s End.

All of which sounds quite straightforward, save for the fact that our merry gang discover that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance about three pints into their journey. Better make that a double, barman.

According to Variety , Considine will appear as “a former ladies man and musician, who has grown up to be a divorced architect”. He follows the recent announcement of Rosamund Pike as the film’s female lead, who shares a romantic past with Pegg’s character.

Having done his level best to steal the show as a bizarrely coiffed psychic in Submarine , we’re looking forward to seeing Considine get another opportunity to show off his comedic chops. The World’s End opens in the UK on 14 August 2013.

George Wales

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