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Nic Cage and John Travolta could face off again in two new thrillers

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, who went head-to-head so memorably in John Woo's ludicrous actioner Face/Off , could be reuniting on screen in TWO (count 'em) new projects.

Vulture are reporting that the pair may be reuniting on a couple of indie thrillers.

First up is Shrapnel , based on a Black-List screenplay by Evan Dougherty, which is apparently intending to start in June. The plot features a wounded Bosnian soldier seeking revenge on an American "by disguising a deadly war game as a friendly backwoods hunting trip."

Sounds so ridiculous it just might be amazing.

The other project that the actors are looking at is Sea Trial , which has Dark Knight producer Charles Roven behind it.

It's based on a novel, though the adaptation could be a little way off as the project is still seeking finance. With Cage and Travolta's names attached, it shouldn't be too hard to secure an investment.

Both actors are often at their best in shameless guilty pleasures. Let's hope these new movies play to that strength.

Matt Maytum
Matt Maytum

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