New poster for Jason Statham's Safe

It seems remarkable to think that just 15 years ago, Jason Statham was best known as Bacon from Guy Richie’s knockabout crime caper Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels . These days he’s a bona fide action star, and the new poster for upcoming thriller Safe , takes that fact and runs with it.

The poster shows Statham at his most imposing, staring down the camera while brandishing a ruddy massive gun. No wonder that little girl is cowering behind him. It’s clearly the safest place to be.

The film sees Statham play a former cop turned cage fighter, who happens to witness the attempted abduction of a little girl on the New York subway. What’s more, the gangsters making a grab for her are the very same ones who killed his wife…

It soon emerges that the girl is privy to a complicated code that the Russian Mafia, the Triads and a corrupt branch of the NYPD are all willing to kill to get their hands on. Can the Stath keep her safe from all these wrong’uns? What do you think?

Directed by Remember The Titans helmer Boaz Yakin, Safe will come roaring into UK cinemas on 11 May 2012. Get yourself to the local multiplex and reserve your tickets now. Don’t make Statham ask you twice…

George Wales

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