New MacGyver movie in the works

It may have been spoofed to hell and back by incoming comedy MacGruber , but New Line Cinema are planning on reviving MacGyver for the big screen.

Having announced the project in March 2009, the studio have finally hired a screenwriter in the form of Jason Bangkok Dangerous Richman.

The '80s TV show was a rave hit in its time, starring Richard Dean Anderson – and even made an animated cameo in an early episode of The Simpsons (Patty and Selma are fans).

No word yet if MacGyver will be a straight-up adaptation that foregoes the tongue-in-cheek trappings of Starsky & Hutch et al, or if it will feature a new MacGyver (his son?) a la the now defunct (and rubbish) Knight Rider TV show.

MacGruber , based on a Saturday Night Live sketch and starring Will Forte alongside Kristen Wiig (above), opens on 18 June.

Who would you like to see playing MacGyver?

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