Neill Blomkamp says he has a really cool idea for District 10

While all the talk of late has been about Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming Alien sequel, the director has also been turning over an idea for District 10, although he isn’t quite ready to make it just yet…

“I have an idea for District 10, which is really cool,” Blomkamp told IGN. “The problem is I feel like Chappie is the end of three films that have a similar stylistic approach to them.”

Chappie is the odd one out in that is has no socio-political underpinnings,” he continues. “It doesn’t have my experiences as a kid in South Africa incorporated into it. And Elysium – although it doesn’t have my experiences as a kid in South Africa, it has the same notion of an oppressor in the elites, and the large population base beneath it.”

“And Chappie doesn’t, but they are still part of a trilogy. So moving forward I would love to realize this idea of District 10 – I have every intention to do it, I just need to find the right time to do it – to not go back to Johannesburg and shoot something similar, yet.”

One to watch out for post-Alien, perhaps. In the meantime, Chappie is in UK and US cinemas now…

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George Wales

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