Neil Marshall moves to Slaughterford

Brit-horror maestro Neil Marshall is gearing up to tackle The Ghost of Slaughterford .

Marshall is set to produce, with Centurion’s second unit director Ian D. Fleming calling the shots.

Set in the comically named villiage of Slaughterford, a novelist moves in to a rented mansion to work on her new novel. But yes, you’ve guessed it, she’s not alone.

Sound pretty standard, though chatter on the multinational computer link-up leads us to believe that the ghostly resident is not the one to fear... the locals are.

Even though Fleming’s directing career has been mainly involved with Hollyoaks, we won't hold that against him - after all he's being guided by the man who brought us the mighty Descent .

Hopefully there will be plenty of screams, lashings of gore and possibly a fresh glance at the classic haunted house horror.

Decent idea? Or descent into banality? Drop us a comment.

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