Neil Gaimans Graveyard Book optioned

Neil Gaiman has sold the rights to produce a film based on his latest piece of genius, The Graveyard Book.

In an unusual move, the man who brought us Sandman (and co-wrote the recent Beowulf) hasn’t given the project to one of the big studios, he’s actually agreed to let Britain’s own special effects wizards Framestore have the first crack at it.

The company, known for their work on loads of movies including The Dark Knight and Stardust, is now planning to make movies itself.

“They read it, they loved it”

“They want to start making films, and start producing their own films,” Gaiman told MTV . “And they read it, and they loved it, and I spoke to them, and they said all the right things, and they seem to listen.

“So I don’t think it’s going to be transported to a graveyard in Los Angeles where they’ve been burying bathing beauties or anything. I think we’re actual going to stick with where the book is written and film that.”

The book, already a bestseller, follows a lad named Bod who is raised by spooks, spectres and an equally odd guardian who is neither living nor dead. Pure Gaiman.

And now it’s in the hands of people who will respect it. Makes you feel all patriotic, doesn’t it? Tea and crumpets all round!

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