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Michael B. Jordan says The Fantastic Four costumes will be very different

Michael B. Jordan has been talking about Josh Trank’s forthcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four , and has said that the super-team will have a whole new aesthetic in the new film…

“It's a new look,” says Jordan. “We are all in containment suits. The costume process definitely took some time to get in and out of that thing, especially since I was bulking up.”

“It was a little more snug during filming,” he continues. “We got through it man. It was a process, but we did it. It was hard work.”

It’s not the first time Jordan has stressed the “different” nature of the project, having previously suggested that it won’t follow the template of your average superhero movie…

“What I kind of think sets us apart, is that this is going to be grounded and unconventional,” said Jordan, earlier this year. “It’s not your typical superhero film.”

“We aren’t looking at this as like, being superheroes,” he continued. “We’re more or less a bunch of kids that had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards.”

Directed by Trank and co-starring Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Miles Teller, The Fantastic Four will open in the UK on 7 August 2015.

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