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McG wants to direct Ouija


Directors Breck Eisner and McG are neck-and-neck in their bid to turn spooky board game Ouija into a movie.

Both have pitched their takes on the project to Universal Pictures – McG this Friday, Eisner the week before. Now all they can do is sit back and wait as the studio decide whose concept is better.

Why so much kerfuffle over a movie about a spirit board? Well, the studio are hoping to create the next Indiana Jones or Pirates Of The Caribbean with Ouija .

Instead of taking the concept into supernatural horror territory, Universal are planning on making a big budget adventure film.

They’ve already set a release date of 9 November, 2012, which means they’ll have to make a decision pretty soon.

Who’s best suited to the job? Both directors have had their duffs, but both also have the aptitude and experience to take something this big on.

McG, if nothing else, is always ambitious, while Eisner’s The Crazies was a surprisingly effective take on the zombie genre.

If only a to-the-death cagefight between the two directors was utilised to make the final decision. Now that’s something we’d pay to see…