Matt Damon talks Bourne franchise

Matt Damon has been asked a fair few questions of late regarding a potential return to the Bourne franchise, and while recent answers sounded unpromising, he seems to have thawed a little on the matter.

When asked recently whether he could envisage himself doing a fourth film, he was reticent over the possibility, suggesting that the tweaks to the universe made by The Bourne Legacy had made it tricky for him to reappear.

However, he’s now suggested that he wouldn’t rule anything out, provided a script came along that was to do the original trilogy justice.

“If someone wrote a good script, I would consider revisiting it,” says Damon. “I’m just tied to Paul Greengrass, so if they could ever figure out a story, I’d consider it.”

“That’s why we didn’t do it the last time,” he continues. “They hadn’t cracked one for my character, so they did one with Jeremy [ Renner ].” Screenwriters of Hollywood, pick up your pens… there are more necks for Bourne to snap before he retires for good…

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