Mangold goes West

It’s always tough to find the right film to follow up an Oscar-nominated, critically adored film. Walk The Line’s James Mangold thinks he’s found the perfect choice, signing up to remake the Western 3:10 To Yuma. And it certainly sounds cool.

The 1957 original, which was based on an Elmore Leonard short story and starred Glenn Ford, tracks a lawman who is desperately attempting to bring an outlaw to justice. Stuart “Collateral” Beattie has written the draft of the script which convinced Mangold to jump on board: “There are a lot of good-bad themes that were only touched on in the original,” Mangold told Variety. “A lot of Westerns are meditative, but this is a total struggle culminating in a showdown, which has the potential to be one of the great movie gunfights."

Sounds like fightin’ words to us. Mangold will crank his cameras up in the summer.