Maggie Grace is Taken

So what do you do when your character leaves one of the biggest TV shows (unless you count its recent, watery ratings)? There are several options – go hunting for a new telly drama pilot like Harold Perrineau, or you can star in slightly dodgy films, such as Pulse’s Ian Somerhalder.

But it looks like Maggie Grace, who used to play Shannon on the island-set mystery drama, is going a slightly better quality route than her former on-screen brother. She’s just nabbed the lead opposite Liam Neeson in kidnap drama Taken.

The 20th Century Fox film – which has been co-written and produced by Luc Besson – will see Grace as the estranged daughter of Neeson, a woman kidnapped and forced into the slave trade. Even though they haven’t spoken in ages, this naturally doesn’t sit very well with daddy, who draws on his skills as a former spy to track her down and wreak terrible revenge on her captors.

Pierre Morel, normally to be found as the cinematographer on the likes of The Transporter and Unleashed, is getting his shot at picking up the megaphone, which he’s about to do when shooting kicks off in Paris this week.