Live-action Akira could be helmed by Unknown director


Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra is in negotiations to take on the live-action Akira .

Being set up by Warner Bros as a $90m tentpole, Akira could end up being two movies - Warners have mentioned splitting the original six-volume Manga across two films.

It’s unclear if Collet-Serra would be signing on for two films or just one.

He’s just the latest name to be associated with the English-speaking Akira reboot, which was most recently set to be helmed by Book Of Eli director Albert Hughes.

Hughes left the production in May. Collet-Serra has also been talked about regarding a new version of Dracula and 300 prequel Battle Of Artemisia.

If Collet-Serra signs the dotted line, he and Warners can finally begin sorting out the cast of the film, which has been the main bone of contention among the film’s previous creative forces.

The two main roles are Tetsuo and Kaneda – the former is the leader of a biker gang who attempts to stop the latter, his friend, from destroying Neo-Manhattan (previously Neo-Tokyo).

Our fingers are still crossed that Andrew Garfield will land one of those coveted roles...

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