Leonardo DiCaprio may Beat The Reaper

Add yet another possible acting job to Leonardo DiCaprio’s slate – New Regency wants him to star in novel adaptation Beat The Reaper.

The company has nabbed the rights to Josh Brazell’s tome, which sees a New York casualty doc find his old life crashing in on his new one when a mobster recognises him as a former hit man.

Brazell should at least have the medical stuff down – he is (or was) a trainee doctor when he sold the rights to the book. We’re not sure if he was ever also a hit man, though we doubt it.

Busy DiCaprio

The project joins the seemingly endless shuffle of films vying for the busy DiCaprio’s attention. As well as about ten billion producing jobs, he’s also got the likes of The Low Dweller and The Wolf Of Wall Street competing for his time. Fight! Fight!

[Source: Variety ]