Korean directors team up

While we grit our teeth and shake our heads over the upcoming US remake of modern classic Oldboy, the man behind the camera for the original is playing the west at their own game.

Chan-wook Park has roped in fellow Korean lenser Joon-ho Bong (The Host) to work on the adaptation of French graphic novel La Transperceneige.

The tale is based on a train, that is the only salvation for human life wishing to survive a new ice age. The tiny community of people huddled within the carriages represent all classes and cultures of society and have to learn to get along.

Bong is set to helm the flick, with Park producing and it seems the pair's first foray into English language cinema is set to rack up one of the biggest budgets in Korean filmmaking history.

Shooting is slated to kick-off next year, which means La Transperceneige could arrive in cinemas alongside Universal’s Oldboy remake in 2008. We know where our money’s going...

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