Kevin Bacon will get his survival on in Greg McLeans Jungle

Kevin Bacon is set to reunite with director Greg McLean for a new survival thriller entitled Jungle, in which Bacon will find himself marooned in the Amazon rainforest.

Bacon, who worked with McLean on Blumhouse horror picture 6 Miranda Drive, will play a character based on adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, who became lost in the jungle back in 1981.

Ghinsberg spent a total of three weeks in the unforgiving Bolivian environment, which should make for quite the challenge for Bacon, who will have to shoulder the majority of the film’s runtime alone.

It should also be interesting to see what McLean can do with the jungle setting, having utilised the stark landscape of the Australian outback to such devastating effect in Wolf Creek.

Justin Monjo has penned the script for the film, which is being financed by Screen Australia. No official release date has been confirmed as yet.

George Wales

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