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Joseph Fiennes plays Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi had an eventful life outside of being the composer of such memorable music as The Four Seasons.

And now Joseph Fiennes will be helping to bring that story to the screen, as he’s signed on to play the composer in Boris Damast’s new film Vivaldi.

Scriptwriter Jeffrey M Freedman is handling the writing chores, which seems appropriate, as he’s spent the last two decades researching the man. An eccentric man of religion, Vivaldi (Ant to his mates) was assigned as a young priest to be music master for a Venice school aimed at educating the abandoned, illegitimate daughters of the city’s randy nobles. He became a big hit with his pupils (musically, you gutter-minded lot) and his tunesmith abilities saw him end up playing a concert for the pope.

Lena Headey, Malcolm McDowell, Jacqueline Bisset and Zuleikha Robinson are all signed on, though they need to get cracking as Sony has a rival Vivaldi (a rivaldi?) project tuning up in the development orchestra pit as we write this.