Joaquin Phoenix will be a rapper?

Looks like Joaquin Phoenix really wasn’t kidding about his desire to quit acting and concentrate on music – he’s kicking off a new career as a rapper.

And long-time mate Casey Affleck has signed on to shoot a documentary about the process as Phoenix works on his first album.

The disc is being produced by Sean Combs, of all people, and Phoenix will make his first public performance in Las Vegas today.

Start of shoot

It’ll also serve as the first day of shooting for the as-yet-untitled documentary.

It’s not Affleck’s first time behind the camera – he shot some short films for the Sundance Channel in the late ‘90s.

But we just can’t shake the feeling that this is one big episode of Ashton Kutcher’s show Punk’d, and Phoenix will suddenly reveal that it’s ultra-method research for a new role.

Still, he proved he had the musical chops with Walk The Line, so good luck to the man… But rap? Really? It’s like Mark Wahlberg in reverse.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

So what do you think? Genius or geni-arse? Will Phoenix be a great rapper or rap with a capital see? Write your brain-thoughts below.

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