Jean Dujardin set for The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street looks set to add some Oscar-winning talent to its casting line-up, with the news that The Artist 's Jean Dujardin is currently in talks to appear.

The film will adapt the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker who spent the early '90s drinking and drug-snaffling his way from one high-powered party to the next, before finally being jailed in 1998 for security fraud and money laundering.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the title role, while Scorsese has Dujardin in mind to play Jean-Jacques Handali, a smooth Swiss banker involved in "cleaning" illicit moneys for Belfort's company.

If he signs on to play Handali, Dujardin will join an already impressive ensemble including Jonah Hill as Belfort's friend and business partner, and Kyle Chandler as the FBI agent charged with bringing the whole scam crashing down.

With Scorsese directing from a script from Boardwalk Empire writer Terence Winter, The Wolf Of Wall Street is expected to arrive in 2013, with an exact release date to be confirmed. Expect red braces to make a comeback in a big way…

George Wales

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