Jan de Bont has Stopping Power

It’s somehow no surprise that Jan de Bont used to work with Paul Verhoeven, and he’s seen by many as the Verhoeven of action movies - overly enthusiastic, European, helmer of stunners and stinkers. And now he’s back. While he’s attached to direct the adaptation of Steve Alten’s prehistoric shark movie Meg, the Dutch director has also signed up for a new high concept burst of adrenaline.

Stopping Power is the tale of a single father taking a well-earned break with his daughter and girlfriend. But things go dangerously wonky (well, they’d have to, or this would be a Robin Williams comedy) when a lunatic criminal kidnaps the sprog and the bloke’s RV and kicks off a desperate car chase.

To add to our hero’s misery, he’s forced to be the decoy car driver, leading police a merry chase away from his own vehicle. This is definitely de Bont’s favourite genre, though we’re praying more Speed and less Speed 2.

The Hitcher’s Eric Red penned the original draft of the script, which is now getting a de Bont-sanctioned polish by Richard Shepard (The Matador). De Bont plans to start shooting in September in Germany, as soon as he’s found a cast and presumably, lots of roads to close down. Drivers of Germany beware: The de Bont show is coming to town!