Jai Courtney talks Suicide Squad training

Jai Courtney has been talking about this preparation for David Ayer's Suicide Squad, with the actor hard in training across a number of martial arts disciplines…

"I’ve been training for three months in different martial arts," Courtney told Variety. "As you can imagine for that superhero world, the athletic expectations are rather high."

Courtney will be playing Captain Boomerang in the new film, and noted that it will make a nice change not to have to mask his native accent. "I play an Aussie, which is going to be really fun," said the star.

"I can’t reveal anything about the plot," he continues. "I’m working with a great cast. It’s a wonderful group, and I’m really pumped to be working among them. It’s going to be a huge action film, very visual, but grounded in the characters."

Directed by Ayer and co-starring Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman and Jared Leto, Suicide Squad will open in the UK and US on 5 August 2016.

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