Jack Bauer heads to the big screen

There’s been talk of a 24 movie for a while now.

But, finally, Kiefer Sutherland seems to have twisted Fox’s arm enough to force the studio to hire a writer for the project.

Step in Billy Ray, best known for contributing words to the scripts of last year’s cinematic State Of Play and Jodie Foster’s Flightplan .

What of the ticking clock? According to the producers, the film will be “a two-hour representation of a day”. Uh, so just like any other movie, then.

The plot’s reportedly set in Europe, though insiders have told Variety that there are “a number of factors influencing how quickly [ the film ] moves ahead, including the fate of the TV show”.

Also, will Jack even survive the show’s eighth (and possibly ninth) day? If there’s a potential movie franchise in the works, we’re sure his life’s pretty safe.

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