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Is Jolie the new Maleficent?

Ah, we love a good casting rumour on a Monday morning, especially one as juicy as this.

It seems that Disney have their eye on Angelina Jolie to play the titular Maleficent in their new twist on Sleeping Beauty .

Last week, the studio announced that screenwriter Linda Woolverton, who most recently scripted their Alice In Wonderland sequel, was working on a screenplay entitled Maleficent , which is set to re-tell Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the evil step-mother.

The LA Times report that “Jolie is keen on the film and would like to sign on to play the titular villain”, even though no deal has been brokered just yet.

Could Jolie’s involvement entirely depend on whether Tim Burton jumps aboard the project? It’s certainly been suggested that is the case. Jolie is currently looking for a new film to show face in after shooting new thriller The Tourist .

Apparently, she is “actively engaging with the material and could, according to sources, very well star in the film when all is said and done”.

Obvious choice, but a good one? Thoughts below...