Independence Day 2 has two scripts to cover Will Smiths potential absence

Roland Emmerich’s long-awaited sequel to Independence Day has two different scripts in place, one allowing for Will Smith’s return and the other for his absence.

The director himself confirmed the existence of the two scripts, both of which have been written by James Vanderbilt, before suggesting that things are “looking good” for the Smith-inclusive version.

How drastically the non-Smith script deviates from the other is unclear, although presumably Smith would expect a pretty sizeable role in proceedings should he decide to return.

Meanwhile, Emmerich has clarified that the sequel will now be shot as a single film, as opposed to the two-parter that had originally been mooted.

“I thought about spending four years of my life on one movie and I didn't want to turn into something from the movie,” says Emmerich to The Playlist . “It's a movie about aliens, I don't want to turn into an alien.”

Reportedly starring Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum, Independence Day 2 will open in the US on 3 July 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.

George Wales

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