Gremlins remake gets a new writer

Warner’s long-mooted Gremlins remake seems to be back up and running again with the appointment of a new screenwriter. According to Deadline, Carl Ellsworth is the man charged with bringing the proposed reboot to life.

Ellsworth has previous writing credits on the likes of Disturbia, Red Dawn and The Last House On The Left, and he is also working on the script for the forthcoming Goosebumps adaptation. Judging by that CV, coming up with a blend of scares and action thrills should presumably pose him few problems.

Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus will also be on board to produce the film. It had been thought at one point that Columbus would also fill the director’s chair, although that plan seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Little else is known about the project, and just how different it will be from the ‘80s original. New rules this time around? We shall see…

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George Wales

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