Gremlins director goes underground for his next horror Labirintus

After returning to his horror comedy roots in last year's Burying The Ex, Joe Dante is delving deeper into the darkness for his next movie. As reported by Variety, the Gremlins helmer is currently developing a supernatural thriller, called Labirintus, that looks to be more of a straight-up scarefest than a tongue-in-cheek affair.

According to the site, Labirintus follows a paranormal investigator and psychiatric researcher who team upto explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility in Hungary. To make matters worse, the facility is said to be hidden within a labyrinth of catacombs beneath an eerie castle.

The group come into their own when supernatural forces begin to attack them, and their only chance for survival is to "destroy the dark heart of the maze." Sounds like spooky stuff that could see Dante return to the macabre tone of his early works.

With pre-production on the film only just starting up, there's a ways to go before we see how Dante plans to scare us silly. Casting on Labirintus is currently underway with production expected to begin next spring.

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