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Get your hands on a Cybershade

The head of a Cybershade – that shaggy Cybermen pet from Christmas Day's "The Next Doctor" – is on show at Spaceport , as the Wirral-based attraction celebrates the extension of its Art of Doctor Who exhibition.

The bronze Cybershade head was made by Millennium FX (who also designed the look of the new Cybermen) and there will be a prize draw open to every visitor to Spaceport - one lucky winner will be able to keep this unique prop. Every full-paying adult visiting Spaceport between now and 22 February 2009 will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win the head of the Cybershade. For the inevitable terms and conditions visit the official site .

This picture shows Spaceport team member Elaine Hyder with the Cybershade head. The Art of Doctor Who exhibition at the venue gives you a chance to see how Doctor Who is created from the first script to the final TV programme. More than 70,000 visitors have attended the exhibition since it opened in May 2008. As well as the Cybershade head, the exhibition showcases many of the props, costumes and monsters from the BBC series. Spaceport is located at Victoria Place, Seacombe, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 6QY. If you're the lucky winner, write and let SFX know !