Gabrielle Union recruited for Starship Dave

Despite the fact that 20th Century Fox’s comedy is re-teaming Eddie Murphy with his Norbit director Brian Robbins, the films is still attracting decent comedy talent.

And given the utterly depressing news that Norbit has made a ton of money already doesn’t hurt. Still, the new faces added to the Starship cast make us think this has a chance of actually being funny.

Signing up for the tale of a spaceship that takes human form (Murphy, hopefully sans fat suit this time) are Gabrielle Union, The Daily Show’s Ed Helms and Slither’s Elizabeth Banks.

Union has agreed to play the chief cultural officer aboard, while Helms will bring his frustrated nerd chops as the vessel’s uptight first officer. Banks, meanwhile, will be co-starring as the woman who falls for “Dave”.

Oh, and one other thing to give us hope for the new movie – it’s co-written by Bill Corbett, who used to write and perform on classic sci fi comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Robbins starts calling the shots in the next few weeks.