Forest Whitaker looks good in Powder Blue

Inspirational drama alert! Our hearts tend to sink a little when we hear a movie being described as “inspirational”. Because while the press notes as usually full of the talent slack-mouthing away about how the plot is a nuanced reflection on the human condition, the resulting release is usually about as subtle as a squirrel driving a combine harvester of love.

But let’s keep hope in our hearts for Powder Blue, which Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel have signed up to. Especially as Biel’s playing a stripper. Ahem… The plot finds a suicidal priest (Whitaker), Biel’s clothes-shedder, an elderly former prisoner trying to track down his terminally sick son and a lovelorn morgue doctor crossing each other’s paths during one eventful day. The one element really ringing our alarm bells? That day is Christmas Day…

Timothy Linh Bui scribbled the script and starts directing in LA this July.