First look at Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock in The Girl

The first image of Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock has gone online, featuring Sienna Miller as The Birds star Tippi Hedren. The image comes from an upcoming biopic to be screened on BBC2, entitled The Girl .

Directed by Julian Jarrold, the film will study the obsessive relationship between Hitchcock and Hedren, with Hitchcock biographer Donald Spoto attached to the production to ensure historical accuracy is observed.

Hedren herself has reportedly been in touch with the filmmakers, and recently expressed her concern that the film will be able to do her justice.

“If I have one reservation about the film it is that I worry they will not portray me as as strong a character as I was – and still am,” she said. “I had to be extremely strong to fight off Mr. Hitchcock.”

If nothing else, Miller and Jones certainly look the part, recreating a classic promotional shot involving Hitchcock and Hedren to promote The Birds .

The film will not be the only production to examine the life of the Master of Suspense, with Anthony Hopkins set to portray the director in upcoming biopic Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho . The Girl will run on BBC2 later in the year.

George Wales

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