Fantastic Four delayed until August 2015

Fox has decided to push back its Fantastic Four remake until August 2015, taking the slot that the studio had initially reserved for Assassin’s Creed .

Fantastic Four had initially been slated to arrive on 16 June 2015, but will now move back a couple of months to open on 7 August 2015 instead.

While it isn’t immediately obvious why an August release date would be preferable to a June one, Collider speculates that the huge success of Guardians Of The Galaxy (which opened in August) could be a factor.

Meanwhile, Assassin’s Creed has been pulled from Fox’s lineup altogether, with a TBD now in place of an official release date. Not overly promising news there…

Fantastic Four meanwhile, will be directed by Josh Trank and will co-star Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan, and will be hitting our screens in under twelve months…

George Wales

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