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Emily Blunt joins Looper

Emily Blunt is set to star alongside Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in sci-fi thriller Looper .

The film is director Rian Johnson’s follow-up to the criminally overlooked Brothers Bloom , and the criminally brilliant Brick .

The plot, set sometime in the near future, concerns a mysterious crime syndicate who send their victims back in time to be killed by the gun-wielding ‘loopers’.

Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, one such looper, who ends up on the run when his future self (Willis) is sent back in time to be killed.

Blunt will play Sara (a deliberate Terminator reference?), a mother who agrees to hide Joe from the syndicate on her farm.

It all sounds gleefully nutty and will probably leave many scratching their heads. It also marks the Johnson's second collaboration with Gordon-Levitt after 2005’s Brick.

Johnson describes the film as being ‘very sci-fi, but it’s very character-based and very concentrated…’ He also claims it will be ‘really violent and dark’. Exciting stuff indeed.

Looper is scheduled to start shooting in New Orleans this January.