Dreyfuss and Sarandon join Leaves Of Grass

Looks like writer / director / actor Tim Blake Nelson is adding more heavyweight thesps to his new comedy thriller Leaves Of Grass; Susan Sarandon and Richard Dreyfuss have jumped aboard the film, which already features Ed Norton.

The announcement was made at the Toronto Film Festival, according The Hollywood Reporter , as part of a press conference.

Norton will star as twin brothers, one a brilliant philosophy professor, the other a small-time yet talented marijuana grower.

The pot-raising brother lures his academic sibling back home for a scheme against an evil drug lord (Dreyfuss).

Sarandon, meanwhile, will play their mother and Waitress star Keri Russell is busy negotiating to act as love interest.

Word has it Dreyfuss has gone all method for this one and was seen last week beating up three kids because they were late with the cash for their latest score (This didn’t actually happen. Please don’t sue us – ed) . Don’t cross the ‘Fuss!