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DreamWorks buy new buddy comedy

Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Pictures has purchased a comedy spec script entitled The Escort .

Scribbled by Justin Adler, who has served as a writer and producer on shows like Samantha Who? and Futurama , the script is being touted as “ Dutch meets Role Models meets Planes, Trains And Automobiles ”.

It’s reportedly an R-rated buddy road-trip comedy, and follows a womanising flight attendant who gets lumbered with a spoiled 14-year-old when their plane is forced to emergency land after engine trouble.

The attendant is then tasked with trekking across America to Boston in order to deliver to the brat to its mother, or he’ll not see a penny of the money he’s been promised. And yep, on the way, an unlikely friendship forms between the two.

Tom McNulty of this year’s Tina Fey comedy Date Night is producing, which gives some idea of how the flick could turn out. No names (directing, acting or otherwise) have been attached to the project, but you can bet DreamWorks approach Apatow’s stable for some inspiration.

Casting ideas anyone?